Childhood hero ‘Nastoor Jin’ story of unsung hero

Childhood hero Nastoor Jin who worked in “Ainak Wala Jin” tried to make a sequel of a program.He gave his message to public on social media that someone promised him to get his show on tv and then refused it.Here take a look at his message for public.

I am Shahzad Qaiser Bukhari the one who played the title role in Anik Wala Jin AS(Nestor jin).
Those days my co-actor were in a very dark circle of life and were living hand to mouth, so I thought to give them a new start again.
So as I produced the new version of Anik Wala Jin with the name “RETURN OF NASTOOR”.
I tried to give a real childhood again of the children of Pakistan..And now I made this serial with the new technology with 3d animations work as the work of 3d animation costs like running rivers we have to pay for every second of animations.

I had a partner as well with me to produce this program. Because I’m a middle-class man, i don’t have that much saving to produce this program totally on my own.

One day the gentleman, my Director, came to me along with the approval letter of my program which was being approved by the state channel PTV and there was a note written on the approval letter

Come along 20or 30 episodes and sign the contract

I was very happy, so I stared to shooting with the full open heart, so as the singing day came I went to the PTV headquarters ISLAMABAD to sign the contract.

The gentleman who was the head of the admin department told me that is letter is fake due to this shock I lost my eye sight as well, and the responsibility of my partner’s money was also on my shoulders.. as I’m a very straight and a white collar man.

I sold all my property my car and all the savings I had and returned to money to my partner.
Then I went to the other channels as well almost every channel, but the reply from all was that we don’t have children’s slot.
All channels are happy to show other countries content like Chota bheeam, Doraemon, Hanuman and much more this program was the one which is still hit and the real time
Pakistan was praised by Anik wala Jin isn’t this wrong with legendry artist’s like me, Zakoota ,hamoon jadugar and much more. We were the one who colored the childhood of our last generation, and I was
trying the same for today’s children.

My children are sitting at home and not going to school because I don’t have the money even to pay their school fees now a days I’m living in a house without windows and doors without electricity.
I’m not trying to beg in front of you all I just want you all the spread this message all over the world.I just want this program to be on aired because there are so many families also whom kitchen is connected to this program.
I was a man who has always been very honest with everyone in my life but now a days I’m under the blue sky and looking at my under construction house.
PLEASE bring this into the knowledge of those who can help me out on it.

Thank you

Yours Super hero, Shahzad Qaiser(NASTOOR JIN) 0321-6770032, 0300-9454619.