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A Child is Raped, A Mother is Dead

By Maryam Iraj

What a tragedy, what a shame, and what a loss that we, as a nation, fail to protect our kids from the rapists. Those golden times are gone when we could trust our neighbors and friends for our children. Socialization, the most important aspect of a child’s upbringing, is missing from the isolated lives of our children.

Today, local police in Sehwan confirmed that a 13-year-old boy was allegedly raped before being thrown in an unconscious condition outside his residence. Such incidents make me question the very existence of humanity, but what else we could expect from a sexually-starved angry society.

According to a source, the young boy was kidnapped on Wednesday and remained missing for a whole day. He was allegedly raped by two men before they dumped him in an unconscious state outside the residence on Thursday evening.

Father spotted the two men who left his son in front of his residence and informed the police to lodge an FIR. Irrespective of the request, the police have neither filed a case nor made any arrests as they await the medical report.

In conversation with a media person, Sehwan police station SHO, Khair Muhammad Mallah, confirmed that they were reached by the victim’s father, and told that they were currently investigating the matter. Mallah assured to take all necessary steps needed to be taken once the medical report was out.

It seems like kids have no value in our society. In another case, the grieving parents of a five-year-old girl claimed that their daughter was raped and killed in Husri area near Hyderabad. Victim’s parents still await justice despite their continued struggle for the past three weeks.

Talking to media, they complained that the Hyderabad police never made any progress in the investigation, demanding an immediate arrest of the suspects.

Rape is all about power. It’s not between the legs, it’s between the ears. Rapist hears the traumatic screams of the victim and enjoys more. That’s what rape is.

In a society which is full of anger, kids need to be supervised and monitored properly. If our child is in the wrong place at the wrong time, our wailing is for life.

Lucky are those poor souls who die, those who survive are damaged for life. The trauma of being violated is stamped on their young minds for life. I don’t know who is next. May be your child, may be mine.