Child Prostitution

Child prostitution has always been a very taboo subject and I for one believe that talking about it helps people understand that child prostitution is not only real it is happening right under our noses.  Child prostitution is not what it seems like. It is done with the consent of several people in and around the child. In certain situations, the child is so disconnected with reality that the child starts believing at times that this life the child is leading is what true life is. They do not know any other way. For them, a happy, meaningful and healthy life is not only a dream but unheard of.

Child prostitution like any other form of such a trade is as old as the profession itself. Children have always been used as a way to satisfy ones desire because children cannot and usually do not react the way a grownup might. In certain situations a child is brought up in such a way that the child assumes that this is the life. There are child beggars who make a living by begging and as well as working as prostitutes. There customers are usually security guards, drivers and other such low end workers who are living away in the big city without families and hence to quench their thirst for lust approach these children for help.

The question that arises is that why is there so much desperation that a fully grown man needs to do something like this to a child? The answer is very simple. First of all, most of such perpetrators have been abused themselves as kids, secondly they are not married and need the help of some one lesser then themselves to satisfy their needs, thirdly they cannot afford to pay a proper female prostitute so hire a child instead who is available at half the amount and at times four times cheaper then what a female prostitute would demand, fourthly paying a child for his/her services makes them a macho showbiz sort of a person who doesn’t care about the norms of society and has even manhandled a child for his sexual gratification.

At times the rich and famous are also interested in having kids brought over for their sick needs and their justification is as simple as can be, “its fun…!” The fun part in all of this would be to have the perpetrator hanged. Now that’s “fun”. Although this subject is so taboo and so disturbing that most people and at times kids themselves don’t open up about this. Until 2 years ago there was a group of 12 – 16-year-old boys in and around Gol Market Y block DHA who gave such services, all under the noses of the DHA authorities. The authorities at most take action in respect to the fact that beggars are not roaming around and begging. However such beggars are the ones who are usually providing services to older clients, most going with rich clients in their cars.

Moreover, to get rid of this menace from our society we need to educate everyone that such acts are not considered not only abnormal but socially, religiously and ethically wrong and criminal. Everyone needs to keep their eyes and minds open to make sure if something like this is happening in and around us we need to stop this.