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Child Prostitution: Silent Killer of Societal Prosperity

By Sanniah Hassan

When we talk about prostitution, prostitution goes way back as a profession, in fact it can be traced back to the dawn of humanity. It has always been considered to be associated to women because women have always been the vulnerable sort, the weak-links of society who can be easily pushed around, pulled down and never considered equal. As far as child prostitution and male prostitution is concerned, these are never discussed or so rarely talked about that approximately 95% of the population don’t even know that such a heinous topic of discussion exists. Male prostitution has been around for quite a long time but it’s always been stigmatized to the extent that no one wants to talk about it. The same goes for child prostitution.

Child prostitution has although gained some ground to the extent that child pornography et cetera has been banned everywhere in the world, however, it has not been completely eradicated from our global society. It is absolutely heartbreaking to come across videos and documentaries that address this issue. It is all the more heart-rending because the purpose of these documentaries is to only present this evil and not suggest ways to rid our world of it. Most importantly, unfortunately it is not limited to the so-called third world countries, because even supposed first-world countries indulge in such activities.

Furthermore, the issue of child pornography and prostitution is not limited to only the poor strata of society. It can happen to anyone. This is exactly why everyone needs to play an active role towards diminishing it. There is a video on Youtube by the name of “Pakistan’s Hidden Shame”; it has been shared by the channel Real Stories. The aim of this documentary is to show how or why kids are forced to turn to prostitution. According to their research, most often it is children that belong to poor families, for whom making ends-meat is a daily battle. These kids, when they are unable to support their families are then forced to choose alternatives [which most often than not turns out to be prostitution or begging on the streets] that provide easy money.

To be able to rid the society of this evil, we as citizens of the earth should strive to build opportunities in which we may support children and women, to protect them from ending up on the streets. This can only happen if we are able to provide better living opportunities by means of good jobs and quality education. Unfortunately, the literacy rate of Pakistan is not particularly high. If only we can work on that basic need, I feel that we will be able to progress with leaps and bounds.