Chatkhaara Khaabay: A Pakistani Speciality

Pakistani Cuisine an absolute delicacy with all its sweet and savoury goodness!

Pakistan is known for its rich culture and flavourful cuisine. Pakistani cuisine also known as “Desi Cuisine” is a combination of cooking traditions from Central Asia, Mughal period and the lndian Subcontinent. 

The spices and taste of this cuisine is famous worldwide.

Mostly known for a unique variety of distinctive flavours.

The dishes add significant cultural and historical value specific to each of the provinces [of Origin] and tell a story of their own. 

The provinces of Punjab and Sindh are known for their spicier taste by means of spices and seasoning. Whereas Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir,  Baluchistan and areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are known to be areas where the food is comparatively milder yet different. 

These desi dishes have a lot of oil to add to the taste and flavour.

Herbs are added to several recipes for a blend of tastes and people add these herbs according to their specific taste.

Even vegetables are cooked in a number of ways which varies from home to home.  




One of the most important and beloved of rice dishes which is called Biryani is found mainly in areas of Punjab and Sindh.

It comes in a variety of flavors from Vegetarian to Meaty goodness.

Usually this dish consists of spicy rice with meat most often Chicken, sometimes followed with potatoes, lemon and an assortment of herbs. 




Sajji is a dish usually found in Baluchistan.

It is one of the specialities of Pakistani traditional cuisine and has a piece of lamb or chicken with rice served with papaya paste. It’s placed on skewers for roasting.



Tikka / Seekh Kababs:

Tikka and Seekh kababs are chicken and meat pieces added with spices and cooked on skewers. This dish is very common on Barbeque Parties and events in and around Pakistan.




Haleem comprises of staple pulses and wheat with minced meat and sometimes chicken. It takes a long time to cook because a balanced paste of lentils need to made. 




Traditionally made with lamb, Nihari is also made with Chicken [for those who would prefer a dish without red meat]. Usually served with naan and topped with coriander, chillis, onions, ginger and lemon juice. This is another most beloved of Pakistani dishes.



Kata Kat/Taka Tak:

A favourite of loads Kata kat or Taka tak was specifically famous in Lahore, Punjab however, Kata Kat – is now very popular throughout Pakistan.

It contains meat made from brain, kidney, heart, liver, lungs and lamb chops in butter. 




Maghaz is a dish served with gravy it is made of sheep, goat or cows brain. Also known as brain masala. Most commonly made in Desi households on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. 




Snacks with evening tea include Samosas which are triangular shaped filled with a filling of potatoes and minced chicken or meat. A more modern take on the traditional Samosa also includes sweet and/or Chocolate filled Samosas.

Other famous snacks include Channa Chaat [chick peas mixed with vegetables], Dahi Baray et cetera. 




Desserts include Ras malai which is made with cream and oval-shaped soft balls which are soaked in the cream. Moreover, halwas of various types are also common such as of Soji and Gajar [Carrot]. 

Some deserts include mithais such as Gulab Jamun, Barfi, and Rasgullay.

Kulfi originating from India, is also common on events such as weddings in Pakistan, it is formed with the cream layer of milk after boiling it but, nowadays it is prepared with evaporated or condensed milk. Kulfi is also served with faloodeh which are vercemelli noodles. 



Other cuisines:

Other than traditional foods several other types of cuisines are also found in Pakistan such as Chinese, Japanese Sushi and Turkish. 

Pakistani food is the ultimate bumpy ride for your tastebuds making you feel all the extremes, the hot spices put your tongue to fire while the mildness is the perfect soother.

The coriander and mint refresh you while the other herbs make the dish top notch. So, if you are a food lover don’t miss out on an opportunity to try out the items compiled in this list of an almost devilish goodness that has brought forth for you.