Charsadda: Terrorist attack at Bacha Khan University, removal operation underway

CHARSADDA: As many as 50 people including a professor of chemistry  has been killed in a terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University Charsadda on Wednesday.

The attack took place early morning with armed militants entered the university premises and opened fire killing many security guards, faculty and students.

The security forces, police and military have initiated the operation to free the premises.

Firing sounds are clearly heard in the adjacent premises of the BKU.

According to sources, many teachers, students and administration staff is still on campus and waiting for the militants to be removed.

A woman inside the university has been heard seeking help screaming out loud.

The VC Dr Fazal Rahim told the media that “about four security personells have been wounded during the attack and about 3000 students are present in the university premises”.

A Mushaira was being conducted by the university today and the guests numbering 600 have also been stranded in the varsity.

Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) stated that Pak Army contingents have arrived at the campus and launched operation.

Live Updates:

12.45 pm: IK leaving for Charsada


12.30 pm: officials quote the death counter have risen.


12.15 pm: Asim Bajwa says armed forces continue on clearing the campus.


12.13 pm: The university has been subjected to six explosions but it cannot be confirmed that these explosions have been carried out by terrorists or not.


12.10 pm: Once again TTP have taken the responsibility of the attack reported by Express Tribune.