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The first wave of the Cyber attack is over but is there another one to come?

The mayhem caused by the Cyber attack finally comes to an end as a UK security researcher “accidentally” stopped the spread of the malware that had made thousands of computers hostage. However, is this the only wave that hit us or will there be another wave coming?

Pseudonym is the 22-year-old MalwareTech who stopped the spread of the attack. He was on a one week vacation when the catastrophe hit.  When he heard about the outbreak, he started to investigate the malware and he accidentally stumbled upon the “kill switch”.

Pseudonym noticed that the virus kept connecting to a specific web site every time it was infecting a computer. Luckily the web page was not registered. Thus the malware Tech registerd it and got it for £8. This gave him the insight to there malware and was able to understand the mallicious program better.

However, he tripped a specific code in the malware which on execution, kept the spreading of the virus until the website did not exist, thus stopping the attacking from spreading.

He told the news agencies that everyone was overjoyed by the success and his boss gave him another week off.

However, the expert says that this was just the first wave of the attack and there are much more to come. This one was stoppable but maybe the next one won’t be.