Cattles in Shahdra under attack of wild wolves

Islamabad , February 05 (Online): In their frequent attacks on domestic cattles in Shahdra, suburb area of Islamabad, wild wolves have killed eight cows and injured several others in the past two months, sources said on Tuesday.
Following the situation, two families have left the area along with their animals and many others are planning to migrate as their survival against the wild wolves has become a risky business.
The local residents said the wild wolves attack their cattle in the cattle pens and tore them into pieces. They said they had made several requests to the local Wildlife officials but no one paid heed to their suffering so far. They said that they had no other option left except to migrate from the area.
A local resident told this correspondent that the wild wolves have caused losses of hundreds of thousands to the local residents who used to keep animals to run their families financial affairs smoothly. However, the wolves have deprived many poor families from their source of income.
Zakir Hussain, a local resident, says, “Wild wolves attacked cow in my cattle pen while I was present there but I could not resist them as my own life was at risk.”
Abdur Rasheed, prayer leader in the local mosque, said the wild wolves deprived him from his cow in an attack. His monthly earning is only Rs8,000 and he was meeting up most of his domestic affairs with the money he earned by selling milk. He neither have money to purchase another animal nor has other alternative to run his financial affairs.
Jaffar Hussain, another local, said that he along with some other local residents went to the nearby forest area to kill the wild wolves but they disappeared in the thick bushes.
Following their action, though, the wild bear didn’t make fresh attack on animals as they had fled in the thick forest but they are feared that the wild wolves can any time return and attack their animals.
Haji Abdullah said that the officials of wildlife have been completely failed protecting animals in the area. He said so far the wolves have killed animals worth hundreds of thousands of rupees and more unfortunate was that no one paid heed to their losses.
Abdullah asked where we people should go now and who to ask for help as no one is available to their help.
. The local residents are feared going out from their houses in the dark.
Wildlife Department official Shujahat Hussain said that two families have migrated from the area following the insecure environment for people and animals both.
However, the department has assured the others for solution of their problem. He informed following the incident, the wildlife officials regularly visiting the area to capture the wild species.

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