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Casualties increase as PM condemns Indian firing

RAWALPINDI: One citizen was killed and 12 were wounded on Thursday by indiscriminate Indian shelling along the Working Boundary, an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) official statement said.

“An extraordinary and overwhelming trade of flame proceeded for 11 hours in Harpal and Chaprar areas on the Working Boundary,” ISPR said, including that Pakistani troops had reacted befittingly to Indian terminating and perpetrated substantial setbacks while focusing on Indian posts. “Another substantial trade of flame occurred at 8pm in Shakarghar part along the Working Boundary. Pakistani Rangers reacted to Indian unmerited terminating,” the ISPR said. One non military personnel was murdered and seven others were harmed around there. A day prior, substantial mortar shelling by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) on towns along the Working Boundary had killed two occupants of towns in the Chaprar segment and left another eight severely injured. Altogether, more than five individuals, including a newborn child, have been killed and 33 inhabitants of towns along the Working Boundary have been harmed since Monday. For the third time in under two weeks, the Indian agent high official was summoned to the Foreign Office where the South Asia chief general held up a challenge over truce infringement by the BSF in the Chaprar and Harpal areas and along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Bhimber part. The Indian representative was requested that guarantee that the episodes were explored and that the discoveries imparted to Pakistan.

PM denounces: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif emphatically censured the late unmerited truce infringement at the Working Boundary and the Line of Control (LoC) by Indian powers. In an announcement, he completely expressed that these infringement if proceeded would not go unpunished. “Pakistan has practiced greatest limitation, yet our mission for peace must not be confused as an indication of shortcoming,” he said.

The PM said Pakistan was a peace-adoring country and it trusted in determination of every single extraordinary issue and debate through discourse. “As a mindful state, we have been attempting for territorial peace and strength for the aggregate improvement and thriving of South Asia,” he said. “Tragically that our drive and endeavors have not been responded by India. India ought to examine the late occurrences of truce infringement and impart the discoveries to Pakistan,” he said. He said India ought to educate its troops to regard the truce in letter and soul and forgo purposefully focusing on towns at the Working Boundary and the LoC.