Cases lodged against 100 people under the Anti-Terrorism Act

MUZAFFARGARH: The police have recorded two cases against 100 people under the Anti-Terrorism Act on the accusation of attacking a coal-power plant survey team.

Mahmoodkot police SHO Chaudhry Javed said the locals threatened a team which visited Mahmoodkot for survey of coal-power plant and confronted them by crowding people through a loudspeaker.

Earlier, a case was listed against 150 people in July 2015 but DCO Hafiz Shaukat Ali had it negated and started a negotiation with the locals. Some people settled to submission of their belongings in case of attractive reimbursement but most people opposed the scheme.

The DCO said the Kot Addu Power Company (Kapco) officials would start survey of the area next week. He told that he had met people from Verar Sipra, Rao Bela Sharqi, Gujrat and Budh tried to calm their concerns. He said UK teams and local experts would carry out environmental tests as sample and “if there will be some environmental issues, the plant will be shifted to other place.”

He said he had sent all demands including attractive rates of land of local people and payments would be made prior to the plant construction. Some people proposed a colony should be made for those who would give their land.

The DCO also cautioned the people against intimidating or attacking survey team.

KAPCO and CMEC-Pak-Gen are developing the plants on the fertile and waterlogged farms of these areas. Other than dislodgment of hundreds of people, the fixing of plants will create environmental risks for the district, fear experts. But a Kapco official says all elementary rights will be given to local people.