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Carson is Terrible at Being a Trump Surrogate

Ben Carson the Former GOP presidential candidate has been doing a reasonable amount of press to talk up Donald Trump since endorsing him last month. Most of it has been weird.

Ben Carson on Thursday came to defence of Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, who was indicted with battery for purportedly grabbing a female reporter.

“A lot of people have been charged with various things,” said Carson in a presence on CNN. “That does not necessarily mean that we need to demonize them.”

“You have probably been charged with something, too,” he continued speaking to John Berman of CNN. “Maybe with a misdemeanor or something. Does not mean that you are an evil person.”

John Berman, befuddled, answered that he actually hasn’t been charged with any crimes.

It was awkward & not particularly convincing. Therefore, we’ve come to a conclusion that Carson is quite bad at being a Donald Trump surrogate.

Ben Carson initiated his surrogacy for Donald Trump by claiming at an endorsement press conference that there’re “2 Trumps” & 1 of them “considers things carefully” — which is not a very great pitch bearing in mind the Republican concerns that Donald Trump is prepared to say anything to get elected.

“There are 2 Donald Trumps,” said Carson a day before his endorsement. “There is the Trump that you see on television & who gets out in front of big audiences, and there is one Trump behind scenes. They are not the same person. 1 is very much an entertainer, and 1 is actually a thinking individual.”

A few days after endorsing Donald Trump, Ben Carson said Newsmax TV that he figured Donald Trump probably would not be too bad. (That’s inspiring!)

“Even if Trump turns out not to be such a great president, which I do not think is the case, I think he is going to surround himself with really good people. But even if he did not, we are only looking at 4 years as opposed to the multiple generations & perhaps the loss of the American dream forever,” added Carson.

Ben Carson, later last month had brushed off the fact that Donald Trump had once matched him to a child molester, saying that the executive only did it for political reasons.

Ben Carson appeared on the television to discuss Donald Trump the very same day Trump infuriated the people from pro-abortion rights & anti-abortion camps by saying that the women should be punished if abortions were banned & they went through with them anyway.

Ben Carson defended him by saying that Donald Trump had not been warned about the question and did not have “a chance to really think about it.”

Last week Ben Carson said that Donald Trump “has some major defects, there is no question about it — just like the rest of us” but that is “probably the person who is most likely” to restore people’s confidence in America.

Carson asked, “Are there better people?” & then answered his own question: “Probably.”