Car bomb explosion kills 34 people in Ankara

Ankara (Web Desk) At least 34 people have been killed and 125 more wounded after a car bomb struck the Turkish capital, Ankara, whereas security forces have cordoned off the area by rushing to the scene.

According to foreign media the blast appeared to be a suicide commuter bus bombing in central Ankara in which 34 people were killed, whereas scores of injured.

Witnesses said the blast set vehicles on fire and heavily damaged several buses. Several vehicles at the scene were reduced to burnt-out wrecks, including at least one bus.

As the information of the incident received rescue and security officials have rushed to the scene and started to shift the injured to the hospital and cordoned off the area.

Local broadcasters reported that an Ankara court ordered a ban on access to Facebook, Twitter and other sites in Turkey on Sunday, after images from the car bombing were shared on social media. Several local users reported difficulty in accessing the sites.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said terror groups were targeting civilians because they were losing their struggle against Turkish security forces.

He said such attacks “increase our determination to fight terrorism”.

Sunday’s attack comes just three weeks after a suicide car bombing in Ankara targeted buses carrying military personnel, killing 29 people.