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Cameron’s father also named in Panama leaks

David Cameron refused to unveil regarding the money of any of his family member is held in tax havens besides the supporting of new laws that will insist companies to reveal their investments abroad.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’s late father Ian Cameron has also been named in the huge leak of millions of documents which exposed the use offshore tax regimes from the world’s richest leaders.

Ian Cameron
Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron was a multi-millionaire stockbroker who also got accused of using the firm, Mossack Fonseca, to protect his investment fund, Blairmore Holdings, Inc., from British taxes.

Ian Cameron died in year 2010 just a few months after his son, David Cameron was ranked as No. 10th as Prime Minister.

However, when the Prime Minister was asked yesterday about the matter, his official spokesperson said, “That’s a private matter.”

The spokeswoman added, “I am focused on what the Government is doing and it has taken a range of action to tackle tax evasion and avoidance and aggressive tax planning.”

She also said that she had nothing to add in to the statement issued in year 2012, the time when the details of Ian Cameron’s tax affairs were firstly emerged.

A Downing Street spokesman rejected to talk at the time, however, after four years, added, “The government’s tax reforms are about making sure that some of the richest people in the country pay a decent share of income tax.”

The article was originally published in Daily Mail.

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