Brutality of IDF Court Reigns Supreme: Tamimis Detained

By Maryam Iraj

Ahed Tamimi, 16, along with her mother, Nariman Tamimi, have been detained for 101 days, during the period of their trial. Outraged by the brutality of an IDF soldier who tried to arrest her younger brother two years ago, Ahed Tamimi; fearless and unarmed, punched the IDF soldier in the face to pose a severe “security threat”. Nariman Tamimi, her mother, also present at the scene, managed to help the kids and, rightly so, now serving her time in prison.

Ahed Tamimi with her father and mother

Ahed Tamimi’s case is grabbing world attention not for the power she has but for the vulnerability she exudes. Several European diplomats and many media outlets attended the court hearings of Ahed. Since childhood, she made headlines and became YouTube sensation for her radical and bold videos against the Israeli occupation.

Lawsky with Ahed’s father, Bassem al-Tamimi

Tamimi is defended by Lasky, a well-known human-rights lawyer, and Meretz—an activist. They delivered a detailed exposé of the Israeli “occupation,” Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, and of the so-called desecrations of her rights in demanding her release from the custody.But to no one’s surprise and to world’s dead consciousness, Tamimis-humans like us, have been detained in an Israeli Kangaroo court, and we continue to sleep in our cozy beds.