Broken bridge of Burma Town Islamabad awaits government attention

Islamabad, January 15, (Online): Collapsed bridge of Burma Town Islamabad is awaiting government attention since the last 10 years.
According to media reports, this bridge of Burma Town located at Park road heading towards Tarlai from Khanna Pull of federal capital had collapsed a decade before but no measures were taken by the government to repair it.
On the other hand, citizens are facing severe hardships in travelling to other side of the broken bridge.

This is two lanes road which is covered by separate bridges. The bridge on one side had broken and collapsed 10 years earlier. Only the second lane the bridge is workable but it has become overburdened. All the public transport come from Khanna pull to taramri chowk and other areas and vice versa through this bridge. It is feared that this bridge may be damaged if the traffic flow continues at the present pace and the broken bridge over the second lane of the road is not constructed.
They have demanded the authorities to take measures forthwith for repairing this bridge so that their difficulties could be allayed