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British Muslims ‘Need Our Help to Change their Views’, says Trevor Phillips.

According to Trevor Phillips, the former chief of Equality and Human Rights Commission, the centre of gravity of the British Muslim opinion is “some distance away from the centre of gravity of everybody else’s.’’

He stated that numerous British Muslims “basically don’t want to participate in way other people do,” & that they have different views on sexuality, Jews, terrorism, and gender.

According to a Channel 4 report, over half the Muslims in the Britain think that homosexuality should be illegal, while 47 percent people believe that the teachers should not be gay.

The poll revealed that only 34 percent of the British Muslims would go to the police if they believed someone they knew was getting intricate with the supporters of terrorism in Syria.

Trevor Phillips cautioned that according to the survey lesser than 1 in 5 British Muslims are “liberal” & and these people are small minority that is “deteriorating.”

1 in 6 Muslims would prefer to live more distinctly from rest of the population that Trevor Phillips says has a direct correlation with the sympathy for terrorism.

Non-Muslim population must support the liberal Muslims, rather than standing on sidelines because, “We’ve gone beyond the situation where we can say, ‘Ok, do not worry, they will come round in time’”.

He also stated that the survey was the 1st time that British Muslims have spoken for themselves, rather through their leaders. “It is a survey of whole nation and there’s a comparable survey on these issues. What we find is that British Muslims, they love Britain, they are patriotic, they especially prize the freedom to practice their religion as they would like, and they trust authorities in a way that actually came slightly as a surprise to me,” Phillips added.

“But on the specific issues: sexuality, families, attitudes towards Jews, gender, and on questions of terrorism and violence, the centre of gravity of British Muslim opinion is some distance away from centre of gravity of everybody else’s opinion.”

Phillips, who is on Wednesday presenting the Channel 4 show named ‘What British Muslims Really Think’ on wrote yesterday that there’s a “life-and-death struggle for soul of British Islam – and this isn’t a battle that the rest of us can afford to sit out. We need to take sides.”

Muslims are a “nation within nation,” he said

“What we have also found is that there is a correspondence between this desire to live separately, & sympathy for terrorism. People who want to live separately are twice as likely to say they have sympathy for terrorist acts, and I think anybody, including most people in Muslim community, would find that worrying.”

“What we have found in talking to Muslims is there is a current of what people would call liberal Muslim opinion, which says that actually the Muslims need to find a form of Islam that is completely compatible with British life,” he added.

“Those people who think of themselves as a small minority now, within minority & our survey says that maybe lesser than 1 in 5 Muslims belong to that group, & they feel that they’re dwindling.’’

“We’re more nervous about Muslims because we feel people will be offended, it is a large group, but my view is, looking at results of this survey, which I’ve to say surprised me, that we have gone beyond the situation where we can say ‘Ok, do not worry, they will come round in time’, because that isn’t going to happen. We’ve to make things change now,” he concluded.