Bright colour and Designs to seasonal fashion ahead of eid

On going sacred month of Ramadan Ul Mubarak and the upcoming Eid festival on first three days of the next Islamic month of Shawal, is an opportunity market is gearing up to avail.
On such occasions, market usually opts for innovation in fashion apparel that carries traditional look but still trendy and confirming to the religious sentiments of the people says “Nausheen Malik, a dress designer”.

“Mostly the dress designers keep in mind the culture and heritage of the target market in designing apparel. And the ones I design suit feminism. Working women wear them without hesitation,” Nausheen said.
She said, there are western designs that give eastern looks like gown style long frocks.

Another fashion designer Masooma Sabtain who operates a boutique in the city, said: “Our fashion industry was doing well competing at the international level as symbol of our culture and heritage.” She said that western gowns in traditional Pishwaz were gaining popularity but added that short length and Angarkha style frocks were also attracting buyers attention.
Pishwaz style is today’s demand, she added. The summer has started its impact on the lifestyle.

And fashion world usually diverts to bright colours, though, dull colours also get space, thanks to those who want to subside the temperature impact a bit. Markets and shopping malls have started witnessing rush of buyers mostly in the evening after Iftar time as people began preparations for Eid with a view to avoid Botheration during the concluding days ahead of Eid, says Masooma Sabtain