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Brexit effects; Several Doctors leaving UK!

There are so many doctors from Europe working in UK and now they are considering to leave UK because of Brexit. According to a survey, thousands could leave in the next two years, plunging the NHS into a fresh staffing crisis.

There are almost 2,115 doctors from the European Economic Area (EEA), comprising the EU nations plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and found that 1,171 – 55 per cent – were thinking of leaving the UK, with the Brexit vote “a factor in their considerations”.

It could have a huge impact on a health service which is already suffering staff shortages in some areas as there are for about 10,200 – or roughly nine per cent – of NHS doctors, according to NHS Digital statistics, if over half of them did leave the UK.

Almost 1000 doctors  of the EU and EEA doctors added comments telling the GMC how they felt about Brexit and the impact on their practice.

“EEA doctors make a huge and vital contribution to health services across the UK.  It’s deeply worrying that some are considering leaving the UK in the next few years. If they leave this would have a serious impact on patient care and would place the rest of the UK medical profession under even greater pressure,” said Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Medical Council.

Staff shortages appear to be most severe in areas that voted heavily for Brexit.

A Spanish consultant anaesthetist who had been resident in the UK for 27 years said this sense of uncertainty was heightened when he recently returned from a conference in France and was – for the first time in his life – stopped and questioned by border control about whether he lived in Britain.

He said “For myself and many colleagues this situation is unnerving, and although it’s not something I want to do, I have to consider whether it’s time to move to another country.”