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Bred Pitt and Jennifer Aniston look coming closer again!

Mamma Mia! Following his split from Angelina Jolie, 53 year old Brad Pitt has virtually reconnected with his ex, 48 year old Jennifer Aniston.

They were texting after the Oscars, and Angelina Jolie was not happy about it. A source told Hollywood Life all we need to know about the situation, saying that “Angelina Jolie is kind of freaking out now that Brad Pitt, has reconnected with his ex, Jennifer Aniston.”

A lot of fans have been saying that the fact that Brad is reconnecting with an ex already was too soon.

Especially that the divorce was still in progress. And now that the divorce was finalized, Brad and Jen are looking to reunite!

According to reports ‘Brad told her he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past.’
Brad and Jen wed in Malibu in 2000 but split five years later after Brad found love with co-star Angelina Jolie on Mr. & Mrs. Smith.