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Brazil’s President Pledges to Combat on After Impeachment Defeat

On Monday, Dilma Rousseff – Brazil’s President pledged to fight impeachment tooth-and-nail in Senate after a hefty defeat in lower house of Congress elevated the likelihood of a termination to the 13 years of leftist rule in the Latin America’s largest economy.

In a boisterous vote on Sunday the opposition comfortably surpassed the 2/3rd majority required to send Brazil’s 1st female president for the trial in Senate on concerns that she manipulated the budget accounts.

If Senate votes by simple majority to accept the case, Dilma Rousseff’d become 1st Brazilian leader to be indicted for over 20 years.

The catastrophe has paralyzed govt. as it fights to resuscitate the economy from its nastiest collapse in decades. It’s also sparked a bitter struggle between President Rousseff & her Vice President Michel Temer, who’d take the power if she’s impeached.

Dilma Rousseff, while speaking to the nation on television had sworn that she’d committed no impeachable crime. President had accused her vice president of openly conspiring to topple her govt. in what she labelled as a ‘coup’.

“While I’m very saddened by this, I’ve the force, the spirit, & the courage to fight this whole process to end,” said Rousseff in a televised news conference. “This’s just the beginning of battle, which will be long & drawn out.”

President Rousseff stands indicted of budgetary sleight of hand employed by numerous elected officials in Brazil: postponing payments to the state lenders to hollowly lower the budget shortage to boost her re-election bid in 2014.

However, opinion polls reveal over 60% of the Brazilians support impeaching Dilma Rousseff, less than 2 years after the leftist front-runner had narrowly won reelection. Her fame has been crumpled by recession & a massive graft scandal at the state oil company Petrobras

A Rousseff supporter said that the govt. would concentrate on clawing back support in 81-seat Senate, where it deficits the simple majority that is required to prevent the case being recognized for trial. Given that it presently has backing of only 31 senators. The supporter also acknowledged that the situation looked “very difficult.”

Govt. has been looking to Renan Calheiros (Senate Speaker), a crucial ally of Rousseff’s, to postpone the Senate vote as long as probable to give it the time to negotiate.

Nonetheless, on Monday Renan Calheiros said that he’d remain unbiased & would meet the party leaders in Senate on Tuesday to define calendar for process.