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The Boy in the Class Who Writes Poetry

By Khalid Hussain Mirza

According to a research, there is always a boy in every class who does not speak much and avoid having interaction with those people with whom he cannot match his mind. But this does not mean that he is arrogant or he does like to make friends. Yes ! he could be of some lonely nature because he needs to have time to compose his poetry, listen to his conscious and to make himself relax.

Someone has compared the habit of composing poetry, in a national daily, with keeping a flock of pigeons as pets on the roof, and I completely agree with him because after composing even four lines it gives you the feeling of a conquer and victorious person.

Our young generation is smarter and knows everything well especially teenage boys, so for them it is very important to be in latest fashion and trend. They have to proof themselves a complete man so they have to follow previous trends which are till now considered for a man like :

  1. Sex
  2. Drugs
  3. Income / Earning ( this thing could be positive )
  4. Womanizing
  5. Let’s walk, heaven is ahead.
  6. Why women cannot love each other ?

“The problems of memorization are exponential.”  When untrained poets get their initial idea, they try to remember everything, which is impossible thing but they need an escape too. In all this huff and puff, they get confused about to be in the people for inspiration or find a place to write poetry. So in facing all these troubles, they get somewhere indulged in above mention traits unknowingly.

Yes ! there are many other reasons too, but it is one of those.

Actual poetry is the expression of feelings, to express those feelings we need words as bridge to understand the thought behind that feeling so it is up to the poet which language he chooses. ( Art is all about not accepting defeat ) Poetry is sequence of words, this sequence is not easy to sustain, you have to be very selective of words to create a good poem.

To conclude my talk I will say, If 18-year-old Talha Saqib can hit the record at common wealth. Then why not a young poet/ boy/girl, ( common boy/girl ) which we call ” Gareeb ka Bacha ” can be thought provoking poet.