Boxer Amir Khan reveals why he cut off ties with his family

Boxer, Amir khan got defeated by Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez ruthlessly, we needed to realize that he had been battling a bevy of issues within his own family.

In a no-holds barred interview the 30-year-old confirmed that he has decided to part ways with his family, and choose a path which benefits “only him”.

His closest friend Saj Mohamed, his uncle Taz and his father Shah have always been his wonderwalls. The three of them, in addition to many others, were always enveloping him during training camps and fight weeks, always ready to discuss how their Amir was getting on.

In his upcoming fight next month with Filipino icon Manny Pacquio his old team –which includes his father Shah Khan– will not be included.

Boxer Amir Khan said, “After the Canelo fight my old team thought he’s had his big fight, he’s done now. So this is the chance for me now to prove everyone wrong. I’m not done. I’ve just turned 30, I’ve still got some good years left in me. It could be my time to shine.

“My old team will think I made the worst choice by letting them go and say ‘watch his career go down the drain’. I’m not going to let that happen. I am looking forward to proving them wrong, he added.

Amir Khan was of the view that “I lost sight of it because obviously I left it to people that I trusted. I thought they could do everything and I could sit back and focus on my boxing. But it wasn’t like that. It’s funny now thinking about it – I was young then and I relied on my team, whatever they said went.

“I had property advisers who used to rip me off, I had accountants who ripped me off. I changed everything. With what I’ve gone through, if I told you everything you would start crying.”

Sadly Amir had to say without taking names, “The way they left everything; they could have done it a bit nicer, they could have showed me what went where.”

One particular incident he recalls is when he paid eight grands for an internet server at his office. “I thought to myself ‘Why would I need an office with a server?’ I’m a fighter. My office is the gym.”

According to boxer, his family does not speak to him anymore. The last time his sister talked to him was in email informing him about some tiles that needed fixing at his house. He says he speaks to his brother Haroon, also a boxer, here and there, if he replies to him.

“I’ve been the best son, I’ve been the best brother, I’ve been the best family member anyone could have. I’ve done everything for my family. I’ve done more for my family than anyone would do… But I’m happy. I’m relaxed. It has matured me a lot.”

Amir Khan said he is eyeing the next big title win, and everything will fall back in place. “One more big title win. Then I can call it in. Two more years. “It’s like a yoyo, I’m down but on my way back up. I want to end on top.”