Bomber involved in Istanbul attack entered Turkey as a refugee

Turkey authorities have detained a person over the reportedly involvement in suicide attack in Istanbul which left 10 German tourists dead, Interior Minister Efkan Ala reported on Wednesday.

“One person was detained in operations carried out yesterday (Tuesday) evening. The investigation is continuing in a very intensive way,”German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere addressed to a news conference.

An ISIS suicide bomber who killed mainly 10 German tourists in Istanbul entered Turkey as a refugee, the reports showed.  Therefore, his acts were not checked as he was not on any kind of watch list, said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

When he was asked if the country would launch air strike against ISIS or not, Ahmet Davutoglu told that Turkey would act at the good time and in a way that looked suitable. He added that Russia’s entry into Syrian civil war became a barrier to Turkish air strikes against ISIS and the Russian air force surfaced to be saving the radical Sunni armed forces.

In a mean time, aslmost three Russians also got detained in Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya which is a popular destination for tourists however, it was was not clear if the captures were directly related to the Istanbul bombing or not.

PM’s statement came following the statement of Efkan Ala that the suicide bomber involved in the attack was not on any watch list however. The minister also added that the man’s fingerprints were on record with Turkish authorities when asked regarding a report in Turkish media that the suspect had registered at any immigration office in Istanbul almost a week ago.

Efkan Ala stated: Your assessment that his fingerprints were taken and there is a record of him is correct. But he was not on the wanted individuals list. And neither is he on the target individuals list sent to us by other countries.

Talking about the injuries, he said, “There are at the moment 11 wounded at the hospital of these 11 people, 9 hold German nationality, while one is Norwegian and the other is from Peru.”

According to some reports declared by state media, at least 68 ISIS members have been arrested in raids across the country.