Bol TV going stiff on ex-workers

Guileful tactics and twists are the traits of crafty people and one cannot anticipate any good from them – the Bol TV is doing the same by playing havoc with its gullible workers.

Different journalistic bodies are now voicing their concerns also and making a stand with the salary-deprived former employees of Bol TV.

On August 25, 2017, the Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ) issued a press release citing the concerns of cash-strapped workers of Bol TV. The PUJ said Bol TV conducted a ceremony titled ‘Final Settlement’ in order to pay back the remaining dues to the former Bol TV employees. The administration of Bol TV had even got the signatures of the former workers and recorded the video of this entire process. Renowned journalists of the country had also visited the office of Bol TV and lauded the step taken by the channel. The channel also proclaimed itself to be the most professional organisation.

But the facts proved otherwise as more than 100 employees belong to Lahore but 40 were called and out of them, only 10 workers got their remaining dues.

All the former workers have been promised of getting being paid off their remaining dues in 45 days time but now 90 days have been elapsed and they have not been paid yet. Instead of paying, the channel’s administration is using dirty tactics by grabbing their cars on gunpoint. They even lifted their vehicles from several places which raised many eyebrows in the media circles.

The PUJ fought a tough battle against the closure of Bol TV and arrest of its owners including Shoaib Sheikh but now the Bol TV has left its former workers on their own.

The PUJ said that it will go out to its last limit to give the workers of Bol TV their due rights and get their long-due payments paid. If the channel administration does not solve the issues of former workers then the PUJ – along with other journalistic bodies of Punjab, Electronic Media Producers Association (EMPRA) and other bodies – will announce the future strategy from its central secretariat at Diyal Singh Mansion, Lahore.