‘Bol TV – a place of thugs’

Stories of exploitation of workers by Bol TV are piling up with each passing day with the estranged workers’ never-ending tales of miseries and victimization by the Bol TV administration.

Narrating her story, Tayyaba Mustafa, a former worker of Bol TV, said she applied for Bol TV in October 2016 and received an interview call on November 8, 2016, which she successfully passed.

“I felt glad that I got a job with a quick process. The prestigious building and lavish office made me feel more proud. But the things were not as simple as it looked like. After joining, I came to know that I had to work for 12 hours instead of 8 as per the written contract. I rushed to the controller to inquire about this situation but he also ordered me to work 12 hours as long as the channel was not launched. I later contacted the Human Resource department but the officials at HR also told me had not you have been told about the 12 hours shift during your interview which I replied with no. They even told me to work seven days a week with no off day which is totally injustice. I was promised to be compensated for my extra four hours of work but not a single penny was given to me,” she explained.

She said the self-proclaimed ‘Number One’ news channel imported their Axact employees and got them appointed in Bol TV at the key posts of Controllers, Producers, Controller Marketing etc. They know nothing about the journalism.

Tayyaba said, “If anyone wants to see the funeral of journalism then one should visit Bol TV.”

There is no professionalism in Bol TV. The Controller gives you under the control of nascent workers who don’t know anything about journalism and need extensive training about running the affairs of a news channel, she added.

Dismayed Tayyaba went on to say that the head of the entire team of Bol TV is that woman who was previously working in Axact and now heading a news channel.

Day-to-day misbehaviour with the woman, threats of termination from the job and if you speak out for your rights then you will not be made permanent – these are the things which become a norm in Bol TV.

She said Bol TV CEO Shoaib Sheikh gave the control of the Bol TV network in the hands of non-media professionals and tried to run the channel like an IT firm. “I have also sent several emails to Shoaib Sheikh complaining about the misbehaviour and threats I was receiving but to no avail.”

Tayyaba added, “I left the job on April 7, 2017, when I spoke in favour of my fellow colleague who faced misbehavior of her senior and her condition deteriorated as a consequence. The administration sent me a show-cause notice for speaking against the injustice meted out against me and my fellow colleague. I have also filled out a grievance form in which I had explained the misbehaviour, threats and mismanagement of the administration but all gone in vain.”

She said, “I tendered my resignation because this is not a news channel rather a place of thugs. As I highlighted their mismanagement, they withhold my remaining dues as result which have yet not been paid.”