Blood, Sweat and Accessories: Artist Reuses Bodily Fluids for Fashion

By Atiya Riffat

A London fashion student can enable you to improve your clothing with crystal adornments framed from your bodily excretions.

Regal College of Art graduate Alice Potts exhibited her particular outline techniques with a couple of artful dance shoes enhanced with precious stones shaped from sweat and a fake fur highlighting urine-crystals at the RCA’s yearly fashion event.

Potts, who has likewise tried different things with blood, trusted the scentless yet stomach-turning materials, gave to her by fellow students, had natural and health advantages beyond the restriction of traditional plastic or cotton.

“Rather than utilizing plastic accomplices to possibly decorate garments we can begin like developing onto our garments these new materials and more natural materials,”.

Potts, who held her crystallization procedure under encloses, included that by future the idea could be produced to make a bio-sensor to recognize high sugar levels for diabetics.

Other environmental-thinking collections on display finally week’s RCA indicate incorporated a scope of clothes created without sewing any creases. Rather, another weaving strategy was utilized, decreasing style squander and challenging over-utilization.

The show, titled “A Walk Without a Cat”, highlighted dance performances and live shows as opposed to a catwalk and was held at 180 Strand, the home of London Fashion Week.