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Blast at Jacobadab kills twenty

Jacobadab: On Friday, a bomb set off near Shershah Haveli during a Muharram procession. The attack killed twenty people and injured many others.

An emergency situation has been declared all over the hospitals and security teams have rushed to the vicinity to rescue the injured and transfer the dead bodies. The attack also killed four children among the five who lost their lives.

Dr Hassan Murad Shah, the director general of health services has announced an emergency in the District Hospital of Jacobabad. The number of dead bodies arriving in the hospital has not been confirmed.


Malik Zafar Iqbal Awan the SSP of Jacobabad stated, “The police have recovered lower part of a body of possible suicide bomber from the place of blast. The lower part of a body is found in the area of the bomber, which shows that it is possibly a suicide bombing”.

He stated on the phone that it has been reported that more than 15 people have lost their lives in the attack.

The attack was targeted in a six feet wide allay in Lashari Mohalla where 20 mourners were attending the procession.

There have been many instances of sectarian violence in this area earlier, in the past decade. The bomb blast was basically set to target the Muharram procession at Lashari Mohalla. The law enforcement agencies in Sindh had found a  “a network of sectarian teroorists and anti-state elements”. They were told to keep a close eye at RAW, the Indian intelligence agency.

In order to prevent any attacks, the government of Sindh has declared a ban on pillion riding in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana. The phone services have also been suspended in areas of Karachi.