Bizarre Food Combinations That Actually Taste Delicious

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Since we were all little kids, we have mixed different food items with each other, some turned out to crazily delicious while the others…well let’s just say we, as kids, didn’t know any better and couldn’t tell that it was the worst decision ever. Though, there are certain food combos made for each other, like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, chocolate and strawberry. however, then we also have certain food items mixed together that just don’t go with each other, like pizza and pineapple.

Turns out that there are several food pairings that will drive your food buds completely wild (in a good way of course). So here is a list of such food combos which may sound weird and unnatural but are actually perfect for each other and are a must try for every foodie reading this post:

  1. Tuna and Pizza food-combos-5.jpgTuna’s umami flavor—a savory taste from the salt of the amino acid glutamate—makes pizza more hearty and satisfying. So, try cutting the tuna into strips and adding it to the top of your pizza. Raw, grilled or canned tuna, use it any way you like!
  2. Dark Chocolate and Beetsfood-combos-6.jpgBeets are the kind of root vegetable that have a distinctive earthy aroma and taste due to the compounds it is formed of. Dark chocolate has a similar compound as beets, Pyrazine, therefore, when we combine the two together, we get a more robust earthiness mixed with a little bitterness and sweetness to it. So as an idea, the next time you make beet salad, try topping it with dark chocolate crumbles.
  3. Ketchup and Dark Chocolatefood-combos-10.jpgNow I’m sure you have doused ketchup on various kinds of things, though i can bet you have never tried this unique and amazingly pleasing food combination. Dark chocolate, as a fact, holds tomato notes in it, so when you add ketchup to it, those flavors are enhanced and it becomes more tasty. Both foods also share coriander-ish aromas, thanks to a molecule called linalool. When paired, that yummy smell becomes even stronger.
  4. Coffe and Orangefood-combos-15.jpgWen you have your breakfast, you usually drink coffee and orange juice separately right? But did you know that adding an orange wedge or a little orange juice to your coffee brew is the normal routine of Chicago’s go to brunch spot, Orange. Truly this is a food pairing we should all try at homes as well. Orange takes the edge off of java’s bitterness, but it doesn’t weigh the beverage down like milk or cream. It also adds a little bit of sweetness without finding the need to actually add sugar granules to it.
  5. Pickles and Cheddar cheese food-combos-17.jpgOne of the favorite food combos among Brits is pickle-and-cheddar sandwiches which can be found on pub menus all across England. The trick is to use an aged cheddar which will help cut the bitterness and saltiness of the pickles. You can put them on bread for a sandwich or just stack the cheese with a pickle for a quick snack.