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Bill Clinton Embarrassed in Public: When Past Keeps You Hooked and Haunted

In a recent incident, Bill Clinton was definitely not pleased when a motorist teasingly asked him about Monica Lewinsky during a chat in Manhattan.  Behind the wheels in his SUV, stopped, rolled down his side window and courteously started chatting with the Newyorker, who told him:

‘You the best president man,’

‘Trump gotta go. Trump gotta go Bill Clinton,’ the man added.

Seeing waving pleasantly at the man before giving him a thumbs-up after his remarks about President Donald Trump, he was questioned abruptly, how was Monica?

Worth mentioning here that Lewinsky scandal broke in 1998, when a news report surfaced saying then-president Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky, who was a White House intern at the time.

Following is a picture of Bill Clinton, former president, greeting his guilty pleasure, Ms Monica Lewinsky-a whitehouse internee, birthday wishes:

Image result for Bill Clinton and Monica in whitehouse

‘Alright, have a nice day. Tell Hillary I said what up Bill Clinton,’ the man said as Clinton gave another thumbs up.

A nice little chat in the beginning ended quite bitterly for the former president, Bill Clinton. What a mocking blend of complement and tease ‘Best president alive man. How’s Monica?’

And the Cliton in SUV pulled off.

Enjoy the video: