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Biden praises Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism

Vice President of United States, Joe Biden praised Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had a meeting with US Vice President Joe Bidenon Thursday in Washington and talked on bilateral relations and matters of mutual understanding. The Prime Minister told Joe Biden regarding his government’s preferences and briefed him about economic reforms.

Nawaz Sharif informed that Pakistan has made notable economic progress in the last two years. Political issues and security matters including the regional situation were also discussed. Both leaders also talked about the war on terror and Pakistan -US ties. They shared the intention for peace and prosperity in region. During their meeting, they also discussed Pakistan-US mutual efforts in various ways.

They aimed to further enhance Pakistan-US cooperation and acknowledged to take forward the peace and agreement process in Afghanistan. Joe Biden lauded Pakistan’s efforts in war against terrorism. He told that United States will keep its cooperation with Pakistan until the aims and objectives are achieved.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also met US President Barack Obama today. Both leaders discussed all matters of mutual interest and regional circumstances with specific reference to Islamabad’s relations with Kabul, Afghan capital and New Delhi, Indian capital. Bilateral ties in defence and energy stayed top in the meeting.

The prime minister advised the US president of Pakistan’s approach for the revival of economy, fight against terrorism and the regional status.

Officials point to little change in the attitude of Pakistan’s powerful security services, since then Prime minister’s office and brought an effort to find areas of cooperation.

Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center said that, “The bottom line is that there are a lot of deep disagreements between these two countries.”

 The US has simply lost patience after so many years of providing arms and money to the Pakistani military, the Pakistanis has simply not done what the US has repeatedly asked them to do in terms of cracking down on militants.

The new Taliban leader Akhtar Mansoor has close ties to Pakistan, experts say.

Whereas Kabul has, “Acused Islamabad of harboring and nurturing Taliban insurgents — allowing them to launch attacks in Afghanistan before melting back across the border.”

I will continue to urge all parties in the region to press the Taliban to return to peace talks and to do their part in pursuit of the peace that Afghans deserve, said Obama recently previewed his meeting with the Pakistani premier.

If cooperation is not forthcoming, it is likely to result in growing calls for Washington to limit the transfer of weapons and funds to Islamabad.