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Beyonce is going to have twin boys?

Everybody on social media knows that stunner Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is expecting twins and obviously every fan is curious enough to know more about this pregnancy.

Beyonce has yet to disclose the gender of her twins but the Beyhive is buzzing about the possibility that she’s expecting boys.

The mother to be has released her glamorous baby bump photos on her website Monday, and many fans were quick to notice something very interesting about her accessories.

It wasn’t her $4,900 embellished Gucci bag or her thigh-high velvet black boots or her diamond-encrusted honeycomb choker that caught people’s attention.. Instead, all eyes were on her oval earrings.


Well, after taking a closer look, Beyhive members noted they were the same earrings she wore in her 2008 music video for “If I Were A Boy,” leading many to speculate Bey was once again trying to tell us something.

Tweeter was like

“Beyoncé is wearing the If I Were a Boy earrings again…

does this mean she’s having twin boys??”

“Another tweet came like Beyoncé is Having BOYS…. BEYONCÉ is having BOYS.
She wearing them earrings from the video “If I Were A Boy”

“Earrings from If I Were A Boy video, Still rocking emerald. Beyoncé is having twin boys and is due in May,” another post.

Well fans are thinking the earings not as fashion accessory but a sign and some kind of announcement.