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Beware: Today is 1st April

Islamabad: First April is the ‘international day of lying’, which means today.

Most regrettable fact about this day is that people spread false news without caring what it may inflict on others.

The derivation of this trend is confusing as some evidence links it to Spain, some to France and some to Britain. But this is redundant now.

The catch in all this fun and laugh is that it is not fun for others especially recipient of the joke no matter how hilarious it may seem to you.

This is a serious issue for the one who is going to hear it. It can result in something serious and unprecedented.

Every year on this day stories are made up regarding a place catching fire or a death news is sent to some one’s home.

You can be a victim of this today so stand on your guard. If you hear that your best friend is sick or on death bed, don’t panic rather try to confirm it.

This trend has led to many unpleasant accidents as well so we request you to abstain from it.