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Youtube is a very common source of entertainment that many people refer to. It has a variety of videos, including comedy, reviews, travel vlogs, songs informative videos and many others.

This list goes from the best to number 5


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a foul-mouthed Swedish video game commentator who has a total of 6.65 billion views and 32 million total subscribers.


“So here is the thing. PewDiePie used to swear all the time and I would not recommend his old content for kids but for over a year now he has completely stopped swearing in his videos. He sometimes jokingly refers to himself as “family-friendly Felix” (his real name is Felix). He is a very funny guy but he spreads a ton of positivity and promotes treating women (whamen) with respect and this is also reflected in his relationship with his fiance, Marzia (who also has an amazing YouTube channel btw). He has also collected insane amounts of money for charity and is an animal lover. The guy even releases a book review video every month where he discusses books that he has read in the past month (he reads A LOT) and encourages his viewers to read as well. He reads really good books like Man’s Search for Meaning and Moby Dick to name a few. You can check out his reading list “PewDiePie’s Literature Club” on Goodreads. He is way into Japanese authors and Japanese culture in general which I have personally found to be very educational. So yeah, no swearing and if he reviews a meme that has swearing it gets censored with a “beep” or something. I find him to be very entertaining and unlike so many celebrities he seems very down to earth which is just great for kids to see every now and then.”

“This guy has been caught up in multiple worrying controversies revolving around racist and anti-semitic views. “


Smosh is a comedy duo consisting of YouTube veterans Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They have a total of 6.18 billion views and 32.81 million total subscribers.


“Parents need to know that the content on this YouTube channel is PG-13 level: Jokes may target iffy and sensitive topics such as sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol, racism, domestic violence, and more.”

“Older videos featuring just Padilla and Hecox are rougher and more casual and may contain more language and insensitive jokes. Newer videos feature a cast with good ethnic, racial, and gender diversity, and are a bit milder. Notably, female cast members are not objectified, even in Smosh’s “sexy” videos (which are often quite silly).”

Stampy Long Head

Joseph Garrett is a British YouTuber who posts videos of himself playing “MineCraft.” He has a total of 2.15 billion total views and 4.16 million total subscribers.

“The videos intend to entertain rather than to educate, but gamers may find inspiration and some tips in the commentator’s videos and narration.”

“The Minecraft videos especially inspire kids’ creativity by showing the work of the commentator. On a broader level, this channel’s success is a reminder of the infinite possibilities of excelling at something, even gaming.”

“Garrett’s commitment to keeping the channel kid-friendly is a pleasant surprise, and he’s a great guide to the world of Minecraft and how to get creative within it.”

“Some video game violence and weapons such as guns and swords but nothing that will surprise kids who game.”

Niga Higa TV

Ryan Higa, 24, who goes by the username NigaHiga, was one of the first major YouTube stars. Higa produces a variety of comedy videos, including sketches, music videos, and short commentaries on pop culture. He has a total of 2.13 billion views and 15.89 million total subscribers.


“Higa often talks about facing challenges (especially in his Draw My Life video) and speaks out on social issues. However, he sometimes uses anger or hostility against women in comedy skits, which doesn’t send a great message.”

“Some skits contain violence, including gun violence, in humorous ways. Guns appear on camera.”
“Higa sometimes uses humor to address social issues such as racism. Mature teens should get that his many dares shouldn’t be emulated, but younger ones might be tempted.”

“Higa often bleeps parts of swear words, but they’re still obviously recognizable. Bleeped words include “bitch,” “f–k,” “s–t,” “damn.””

Captain Sparklez

He makes parody music videos using “Minecraft” animations. He has a total of 1.70 billion views and 8.14 million subscribers.


“Fans may be inspired by CaptainSparklez’s journey from YouTuber to game developer and millionaire.”

“The creative aspect of Minecraft is highlighted on the channel; kids who enjoy the world of a building can find fun ways to get creative on their own.”

“Videos may or may not contain violent imagery, depending on what game CaptainSparklez is playing at the time. Games like Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Trouble in Terrorist Town can feature guns, explosions, bloody zombie characters, and other potentially questionable content”

“The “Let’s Play” videos basically serve as a kind of advertisement for whatever video game CaptainSparklez happens to be demonstrating. CaptainSparklez also has his own line of products and downloadable games available for purchase. He has two offshoot channels he links to as well, one of which focuses on music (with links to his songs on iTunes) and one of which is a vlog featuring more personal videos like the unveiling of his new custom-painted Ferrari. The videos tend toward the longer side, which means more commercial breaks.”