Best Schools in Pakistan

Top 4

Everyone wants to send their children to good schools so that they can learn the best manners and get good grades. The following list will help you with that.

This list goes from the best down to number 4.

1. Aitchison College


“As an Aitchisonian visiting the campus it is always nostalgic. This all boys academic institution is 131 years old and at any given time educates around 3,000 students.

The highlight of the campus is its vastness that spans from Davis Road to Canal Road; lush green fields and old colonial buildings punctuated by large regal gates and lights make this an eye-catching site when traveling on Mall Road.

Aitchison is ideal for student-athletes and one of Pakistan’s top prep-school for university education in North America and Europe. Its list of alma mater include politicians, cricketers, and titans of business and finance who have studied at Ivy league universities and Oxbridge. Due to security, you must prebook campus visit.”

“Awesome architecture and a superb school. Lots of sports fields, swimming pools and tracks for 400 meters, cricket field, tennis, soccer and hockey fields. The best thing is they have a boating lake and a horse riding school which does horse jumping and tent pegging.”

“A historical place where it is famous for its culture, educations level, inside, bad point is you need a lot of money to go inside for your kids, to afford them you need to be a landlord or politician else you cannot go there.”

2. Convent of Jesus And Mary


“My alma mater. The best school for girls in Lahore. The discipline and the values of the teachers and the sisters inculcate in their students is invaluable. Whatever I’m today is because of their hard work. This institution has shaped the lives of many young ladies. The school boasts of an imposing red brick building of colonial era surrounded by immaculate gardens and grounds. It’s built on s huge area. The school offers both kinds of systems, the matriculate system and the Cambridge system. Fatima school at the back is the quality school for underprivileged kids under the same administration. Convent of Jesus and Mary is a gem among schools in Lahore and Pakistan.”

“My wife studied in this school and so did my daughter. We are all very proud of this institution and they way they have been serving the community for so many years. The building and the gardens around it are all very well kept and a person just yearns to get a peak in it and to visit. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet the outstanding team there and benefit from them directly. God bless them all.”

“excellent educational system.they have educated so many students in the 140 years of their existence.I am a proud ex-student from this institution.

the nuns have sacrificed so much for this nation. Unfortunately, our people are ungrateful people who forget what a person has done fro them”

“This beautiful colonial building, with a lovely red bricked facade, holds millions of memmories for women like me who were educated there. It is one of the six Jesus and Mary girls’ convent schools in Pakistan. It was established in 1876 by Claudine Thevenet. It has been recognized as one of the oldest and best schools of Lahore and the Pakistan Post issued a commeromative stamp on its 135th anniversary. The Pakistan Government bestowed the Sitara e Quaid e Azam award upon one of its former teachers Sister John Berchman. The school also runs a school for the underprivileged children called Fatima Urdu School and a special school for special children called Thevenet Center. It truly is a remarkable school which inculcates good values along with excellent education.”

3. Lahore Grammar School (all branches)


“A curriculum trendsetter. An institution that promotes the liberal arts in ways that no other institution in Pakistan does. The Principal is one of Lahore’s only REAL educationists. Senior management and staff are extremely helpful, there is ALWAYS room for new ideas and projects – an unprecedented room for growth. Subjects such as Environmental Management, Thinking Skills, Government & Politics, Global Perspectives”

“The lower administration can at times be disorganized and traffic control is a problem. Recently, the school body has expanded way too much.”


The working conditions are really good. You are treated like humans.IF u have any problem the school will try to help and that is the reason a lot of teachers are still working there.


No opportunities for growth or promotion when they want a headmistress they will hire her from some other school most of the time Beacon House.No appreciation. Salaries very low. I have been working for the last 11 years the pay scale has never been revised so the new teachers are getting as much as the teachers who are working here for a long time. I don’t know why they have a complex here if you have studied abroad”

4. Beacon House School System


“I worked at Beaconhouse School full-time (More than 10 years)


The seniors helped me a lot in order to teach effectively.


The circumstances related to peace and security were alarming in the area.”

“It is quite hectic if we see our routine work at BSS. As we had to do a lot of paperwork and sometimes it was felt difficult to focus on teaching practices. Beaconhouse taught me a lot. I have learned how to meet deadlines whatever is the situation, I have learned interactive teaching strategies, classroom management skills, create a student center classroom environment .”