Best Met Gala Looks of All Time

Some of the most iconic looks of the modern age.

The Met Gala is the most exclusive and one of the most famous balls in the USA, and possibly in the whole world. It takes place at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and is a highly documented and watched affair.  Each year, it has a new theme, and the celebrities that attend it are expected to rise to occasion. And believe us, they do.

Over the years, celebrities have supplied some of the most memorable and extravagant looks in all of fashion history at this one event. If you don’t believe us yet, keep reading.

Today, we’ve made a list of the best Met Gala looks in the last 18 years. We’ve taken into account the articles of clothing, their relevance to the year’s theme, and of course, whether or not the celebrity has pulled it off.

So, without further ado, read on to see some of the most gorgeous looks the fashion industry and the world has ever seen.


Blake Lively in 2018:

With the theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, celebritieshad a lot to work with. And Blake Lively certainly worked her look. Wearing a ruby red gown encrusted with jewels and golden spikes in the form of a crown/halo, Lively fully embodied the theme.

The Versace dress itself was a work of art, taking no less than 600 hours to make, and it was so big, she had to come in a party bus! Well, that’s commitment if we’ve ever seen one.

Rihanna in 2017:

We understand that it’s a little wrong to presume that Rihanna has only had one iconic look at the Met, considering she is, in fact, the queen of the Met. We could probably fill this list up with just Rihanna, but maybe that’s a little unfair to the others.

Anyways, for 2017’s ‘Rei Kawakubo/Comme desGarcons: Art Of The In-Between’ themed Gala brought us a mixture of very unoriginal and super extraordinary looks. Safe to say, this one falls into the extraordinary category. The look was colorful, dramatic and a perfect fit for the theme.

More than that, Rihanna owned it, and commanded the carpet like the queen she is.


Zendaya in 2017:

Zendaya may not be as experienced in regards to theMet as some of our other celebrities, but she is a fashion legend, for sure. She’s always brought her A game to the red carpet. 2017 is no exception.

Zendaya went all in with a gorgeous yellow, with tropical birds printed onto it. Paired with beautifully curly hair, and a bold lip, it was a whole look. She surely took the internet by a storm, but in truth, we expected no less.

I mean, the girl’s got her own fashion brand and pretty much every look she has ever delivered has been an iconic one.


Lupita Nyong’o in 2016:

This look isn’t just beautiful, it has great meaning behind it too. Lupita Nyong’o wore a dazzling, figure hugging jade colored dress, with a dramatic and memorable, yet natural hairstyle.

Her dress was made by Calvin Klein, shimmery beyond understanding, with what seemed like tons of sequins embroidered into it. It fell perfectly into line with the theme of Fashion in the age of Technology. Not only was her dress breathtaking, her hair, which was assembled at a great height, was not only dramatic, but held great significance for African American women all around the world.

It was inspired by the famed musician and activist, Nina Simone, and Lupita later paid tribute to her via Instagram, when explaining her hair choice to Vogue Magazine. Overall, she wore the dress and hair with a degree of elegance and refinement that is hard to replicate.


So there you have it. A mixture of the most beautiful and dramatic looks from the Met Gala in the last few years. Hopefully, we’ll get even more stunning ones from the 2019 Gala.