Best Chocolates in The World


Everybody loves to eat chocolates, they make us happy and they offer us a variety of desserts, their sweet taste is unmatchable and they are a blessing to all humankind. There are a number of brads who are making different chocolates; they have different tastes and combinations. This list will talk about the best ones.

This list does not go in any specific order. It only states the best 5 in the world.

Lidnt and Sprungli


“Absolutely fantastic chocolates. It is magical when you taste it. You can feel melted chocolate inside when you bite it. Mmmm”

“Extremely good chocolate, in my opinion, some of the best in the world. They also make some small chocolate snacks that have an exquisite taste. Their name is HELLO- Crunchy Nougat or Cookies & Cream or Caramel Brownie.

I recommend this lovely chocolate to all chocolate lovers around the world.”

“me and my sister left each with a bag of yummy for our tummy. Money well spent on great product and customer service.”

Ferrero Rocher


“I just love these candies. They are just so darn good that I can’t stop eating them. I don’t even eat the hazelnut in the center, it’s the rest of that I like. I pop one in my mouth and they get soft and just collapse into oohy goohy goodness. The bits of hazelnut on the outside ads even more delicious goodness. Shall I go on….just get them”

“These are my all time favorite chocolates! It comes very securely sealed and I’ve ordered about 5 of these in the past 2 months and the chocolates come in great shape. By that I mean, have you ever gone to a convenient store and bought a chocolate bar that tasted like it’s been sitting in that store for 7 years? As if it’s old, dusty, bland? I’ve literally eaten hundreds of these by now and not a single one tasted old. I’ve gained like 10 pounds but life’s meant for living”

“This chocolate is the best. Actually, it is too good. It has a slight crunch to it like a soft crunch bar. It has the flavor of milk chocolate with a hint of the dark chocolate taste. It has a hazelnut center that’s a bit softer than the outer core and filled with hazelnut. It is very difficult to have just one. This was the first time trying these chocolates. I am so glad that I did. I bought these as a daily special.”



“These chocolates are the best and are good for any type of climate! I live in Kalgoorlie which is very hot and I still can eat these regardless! I have eaten this since I was 17 years old and I’ve been eaten them ever since. The softness of the chocolate just melts in your mouth ! oh what a feeling !”

“Guylian chocolate sea shells are a delicious chocolate product famous for its beautiful sea shell shaped chocolate. Aside from the shape and design of the chocolate, the flavor is delicious as well and tastes rich and creamy. The detail in the pieces of chocolate is lovely and really pleasing to the eye. It is one of the main reasons why Guylian chocolate sea shells make for a fantastic present as well. They come beautifully packaged and although they cost more than other chocolates, there is no denying that they are very high quality. Worth giving a try, or you might be lucky and get them as a gift.”

“These are great chocolates for me because I love the slight very creamy hazelnut praline and the way it just melts in my mouth. I also like opening the box and seeing which sea shell I would like to eat first. This is a great chocolate which seems equisite and very posh!”



“I am lucky to the point that I halted here to experiment with their chocolates. This spot is genuinely a chocolate paradise. They have such a large number of great assortments of one of a kind looking, enticing chocolates. There is a staggering number to look over.

Lebanese chocolates are something you should attempt. They taste simply astounding. Their extraordinary taste leave s you needing for additional. Yes, the chocolates are more expensive yet trust me, it merits spending on these eminent treats. Attempt them and you will love. You should visit this spot and treat your taste buds with these astonishing chocolates. Exceptionally suggested.”

Domingo Ghirardelli


“My doctor recommended I get some dark chocolate as it has several properties that would help my health. He said it needed to be at least 72% cacao. He even told me that he eats two squares of dark chocolate every night himself.

I like dark chocolate and I have eaten regular Ghirardelli chocolates before. This one is just as creamy as regular chocolate. And just enough sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth. Three squares are 200 calories but I only eat two at a time as there is 8 total and it comes out even for four days.”

“Best dark chocolate I’ve found so far. No efforts were made to keep them from melting and I live I in Phx. It was almost 100 degrees when they were delivered. Needless to say, not in the best shape. I’ll buy them at the store next time because 2 of them were total mush and the rest were very soft.”
“This wonderful bar of dark chocolate heaven is a close second to my favorite, the Scharffen Berger 70%. They are slightly different from the Ghiradelli having, for lack of a better word, a darker taste. Not richer. Not smoother. Maybe more mellow is a better way to describe it. It’s like the difference between a brand new luxurious bedspread that you just brought home and unwrapped and are so excited to see how it looks on your bed ( the Scharffen Berger) and pulling out the comforting old quilt your grandmother made that you’ve loved your whole life (the Ghiradelli). They are both wonderful, will keep you warm and make you happy. You can’t go wrong either way. This chocolate is yummy. If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love this one!”