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Bernie Sanders Hits Hillary Clinton on Campaign Finance

Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Democratic presidential frontrunner accused the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton of seeming campaign finance violations on Monday, inflaming rhetoric against his opponent a day before the New York state’s vital primary elections.

Bernie Sanders questioned if Hillary Clinton’s campaign had violated the legal limits on the donations by reimbursing her staffers with the funds from a joint fundraising effort by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Bernie Sanders has long upheld that DNC has favoured Hillary Clinton over himself.

“While use of joint fundraising agreements has existed for some time – it’s unprecedented for DNC to permit a joint committee to be exploited to benefit of one candidate in midst of a contested nominating contest,” said Jeff Weaver, who’s Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager.

However, Hillary Clinton campaign had dismissed the charge, with the chairperson Robby Mook saying that Bernie Sanders was making rather baseless accusations.

“It’s shameful that Senator Sanders has resorted to irresponsible & misleading attacks just to raise money for himself,” said Robby Mook.

The denunciations raised as the Republican & Democratic candidates engaged in the ultimate frenzy of campaigning before the Tuesday’s primaries.

The Republican and Democratic primaries are anticipated to be state’s most pivotal in decades in selection of parties’ candidates for Nov’s election.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the national front-runners, were preferred to win their respective primaries in state, which they both call home. The Victories would be a boost for both the candidates following a series of losses.

In the recent weeks, Bernie Sanders has overpowered Hillary Clinton in the nominating contests. On Republican side Ted Cruz, the Texas senator outmaneuvered Trump in fight for the delegates to Republican National Convention that will pick party’s nominee in Jul.

By end of Monday, tens of thousands of the New Yorkers will have heard candidates’ closing pitches.