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Benefits on the health of a child who is nursed in childhood

Females who keep to a strong weight before they become pregnant, and then breastfeed their babies wholly for six months, decreases the chance of the child emerging non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by a third.

‘The results also show that coffee can reverse NAFLD-related problems such as ballooning degeneration, a form of liver cell degeneration.’

Academics examined three different groups of mice over a 12 week period. One group received a standard diet, the second had a high fat diet and the third was given a high fat diet plus a decaffeinated coffee solution.

Coffee supplementation to a high fat diet meaningfully upturned levels of cholesterol, reduced levels of injuring enzymes and reduced the amount of fat in the liver cells.

‘Although not suggesting that we should consume greater levels of coffee, the study offers insights that can help future research into and understanding of the therapeutic role coffee can play in combating NAFLD.’