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Smacking children can make them mentally upset

The negative acts have the worst effects on children’s mind. However, some people do not take care of that and smack or beat their children on any mistake or as an outrage. This silly mistake can lead to the spoiling of children’s future.

Many studies have proved that smacking children can create mentally ill condition for them and moreover, it can spoil the whole life of the victim.

Smacking may be positive to stop a child from any bad act however, only if done carefully. Otherwise, parents, teachers or guardians may have to face worst consequences of that.

Smacking causes mental illness, aggression, psychological imbalance and also less understanding of things.

Many times, it is observed in the society that parents smack their children to satisfy their personal outrage over anything and it may be longed to a situation where the child no more feels afraid of being beaten by them. In many cases, the victim starts disrespecting the one smacked though they may be his parents.

Baaghi TV met such a case in a countryside where a son disrespected his father for beating him cruelly throughout his childhood and youth. The son got rebellious feelings towards his father and that caused a situation where the son no more cared about his father.

For not being on his side in need of hour, he also started disliking her mother. Moreover, he is seen very aggressive over little matters and turned abusive.

He was seen quarreling with others on baseless issues and reacted to every little talk. However, there was a side of him remained mostly unknown by many. He was very kind-hearted and emotional on contrary. He was seen crying on the grave of his father many times which he never showed to others.

Moreover, Baaghi TV met another such case in which the unjust behavior of mother and excess beating by father affected his mental health. He became aggressive and hyper.

There were also observed a few other reasons for treating a child in a way:

  1. A child may be grown up in a way that he stops listening to his parents’, teachers’ or guardian’s commands politely.
  2. The one involved in smacking have any personal frustration that they take out in this way.
  3. The one may be treated in the same way he/she treats the child.
  4. He/she may have any flashbacks of his childhood.
  5. He/she may have any bad association with the child.
  6. He/she may have any psychological issue. (e.g. happened in a country where mentally sick woman abused her 19-day-old baby)
  7. In many cases, maids or servants hired for the children’s take care also abuse the child. (e.g. a Pakistani woman hired Philippine’s girl for her son. She was then caught keeping hand on child’s mouth to avoid his loud cry)
  8. The drug addiction is also one of the major reason of this attitude. (e.g. a drunk man broke into his house and started beating his children)

(There may be other reasons too, but here are mentioned only those, which have been observed while the research.)

Both these cases are just example of how the careless behavior or act of parents can spoil their child’s life. Parents must try to avoid such situation and should handle everything with love and affection.

There must be a way to smack the child, if one does not know, then should apply too.

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