Beaconhouse School System declares Punjabi as foul language


SAHIWAL: A cross section of society, particularly  Punjabi dialect activists and abstract associations, have taken a diminish perspective of a private school’s notification which declared Punjabi as “foul language.”

Parents of enrolled children joined the voices of anguish over a 10-point warning which has been served on parents by the administration of a elite school’s boys campus at Farid Town. They requested promptly withdrawal of the notice and that the establishment delicate a statement of regret to the individuals who have Punjabi their mom dialect.

The warning proclaims Punjabi a “foul dialect for the youngsters and in addition parents”. The fifth purpose of the notice peruses: “Foul dialect is NOT ALLOWED inside and outside the school premises, in the morning, amid the school hours, and after home time”.

Beaconhouse School System

Beaconhouse School System




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