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Be like Hussain Nawaz, goes viral on social media

Lahore: After Panama leaks the reaction on social media have erupted. The citizen of Pakistan have rose voice on the social media and criticized Hussain Nawaz. Active audience of Pakistan have taunted the Prime Minister Sharif son and have question that how in very adolescence age a person can become billionaire? Here is the complete class that Pakistan people  have taken of Hussain Nawaz.  Son of Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz said in a show on Geotv which was done to give explanation that he opt all the money through hard work and now the question which i would to rise is that guide me the specific formula so that i can also become billionaire with in months.

Even Pakistan people are open hearted and if Hussain Nawaz revealed the mysterious formula. Nation poor people can become healthy physically and mentally and even then we can vanish the world poverty.  Lets see what the people say about Hussain Nawaz.

At age 13, he created 4 offshore companies worth 30 million dollars and acquired 4 flats in Mayfair, London. The seed fund for these companies came from the ‘Tooth Fairy’ who was buying his teeth at meagre million dollars a pop. I am safely assuming this as his whole family paid an average tax of 70 dollars per year in the 3 decades before (and one decade after) he founded these companies. His family was more poor than 90% of Pakistani tax payers.

At age 17, he was already a self made billionaire. But then, all their assets were frozen by a military dictator. He went to KSA. Took a loan, built a steel factory, and in just four years, he earned so much money that he completely repaid the loan and bought many businesses all over the world. At age 21, he was a multi billionaire. His father, the Prime MInister of Pakistan, is lucky to have a son like him. The PM does not own anything. He is under debt of millions of dollars that he has to repay to his sons while Hussain is however a multi billionaire. It is just a co incidence that his father is a politician.

 I am thinking what did Nawaz Sharif do with all this money. How the hell is he under so much debt. Maybe while his sons were working so hard, he was busy gambling and partying in Montecarlo? Destroying the hard earned fortune?

PS: At age 13, I did not know how to fill a bank form and I did not know what an offshore company was? But then I am not as bright as Hussain. However I am richer than his father so surely I am brighter than his father.