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Battery with inbuilt fire extinguisher invented

Stanford: Researchers team from Stanford University have created a battery having an amazing feature of built-in fire extinguisher; this built in extinguisher feature is created for batteries like lithium-ion battery to prevent such highly explosive batteries from exploding.

The battery uses tri-phenyl phosphate (TPP), a flame resistant compound, in its shell with electrolyte fluid and melts whenever the temperature of the battery increases to 303 Fahrenheit the inflammable compound is released . Battery extinguishes the fire within 0.4 seconds.

Researcher team carried out this test on large scale batteries found in high technology machines such as electric cars but it can also be used for small devices such as hover-boards and Galaxy Note 7.

In the last year newly launched smart phone of Samsung, Galaxy note 7, was also banned because of the reporting of battery explosion from various sources. The cell phone was highly flammable because of its battery which was made up of lithium-ion

Short circuits in lithium battery happens when the battery starts charging too fast or even if some tiny manufacturing error occurs, which results in fire.

Battery technology is not much fast growing industry since ever but now its manufacturers are trying out to invent more powerful, reliable and long lasting batteries, as those work as the blood supply organ for modern technologies.