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Barrack Obama Urges for Better European Unity

Barrack Obama, who is in his last few months of presidency called for the greater European unity, saying it to be a “necessity” for the world.

While speaking in Germany, he’d blamed Europe of the smugness over its own defense and called on the Nato allies to spend more on the international security.

President Obama also appealed to European Union to rise above the current divisions that he claimed were dwindling the continent.

A migrant crisis and UK referendum on European Union membership in June had raised the questions about unity of Europe.

Barrack Obama called on the EU states to share load of the mass migration & see off those he accused of “exploiting people’s fears.”

Mr. Obama speaking in Hannover said that he’s to send around 250 additional special forces to Syria in order to support the local militias in fight against IS.

The new arrangement will bring upto 300 of the US Special Forces soldiers in Syria.

He also said that in face of the shared security threats, a “strong united” Europe stayed a “necessity for all of us.”

“It is a necessity for US because Europe’s security & prosperity is inherently indivisible from our own,” he said.

“A strong united Europe’s a necessity for world because an integrated Europe remains vital to our international order.”

Barrack Obama Urges for Better European Unity
Mr Obama met with the leaders of Germany, the UK, France and Italy in Hannover on Monday

President Obama defined EU as one of the biggest achievements in the modern history.

“More than 500 million people, speaking 24 languages in 28 countries, 19 with a common currency in one EU, remains one of the greatest political & economic achievements of modern times,” he said.

Barrack Obama was speaking ahead of the key talks in the Hannover with leaders of Germany, UK, Italy and France. Syria and the other foreign policy issues were said to have topped the agenda.

At the weekend, President Obama said in an interview that the United Kingdom would’ve less effect if it chose to leave EU in the June referendum.

Obama also said that United Kingdom could take over 10 years to negotiate the trade deals with United States if it left EU.

His warnings angered the campaigners of United Kingdom who want to leave the European Union.