Bangladesh Arrested Militants & Seized Explosives

DHAKA: Thousands of villagers in Bangladesh jarred on Monday with the members of a religious group, leaving 2 dead people & scores injured, said an official.

The Bangladeshi villagers rallied in southern coastal district of Noakhali to plea a halt to construction of the local Hizbut Tauhid mosque, said M. Nikaruzzaman. The executive magistrate.

“As clashes spread, around 5,000 villagers attacked hundreds of followers of Hizbut Tauhid with sticks & rocks. 2 people were killed & around 60 people were injured,’’ Said M. Nikaruzzaman.‘’Villagers also torched 2 homes of Hizbut Tauhid members,’’ he added.

According to the police, hundreds of police & the paramilitary officers were sent to the scene. They had fired the rubber bullets & the tear gas at the charging villagers in attempt to halt the violence by villagers.

The elite security force, in Bangladesh said that it arrested 5 suspected militants & had seized a large quantity of explosives it defendants were destined for upcoming new year celebrations.

Acting on a tip-off, RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) arrested a district commander of banned JMB (Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh) and 4 others from Dhaka apartment late Sunday, stated the spokesperson for force.

“We’ve recovered a huge cache of the plastic explosive gels & detonators. We suspect that they were planning to use the explosives during Bengali new year celebration festival next month,” said Sazzad Hussain, the RAB representative.

“We also have found propaganda leaflets & books that indicated they were trying to recruit people for committing such attacks,” Sazzad Hussain told AFP.

The Bengali new year, that is on 14th April in Bangladesh, is the largest festival & has been targeted before.

In 2001, 10 people were killed & scores injured when militants threw bombs at New Year revelers.

In 2005, the Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) carried out a deadly nationwide synchronized bombing campaign that quavered the mainly moderate Sunni nation.

In the subsequent bombing attacks targeting courts & government offices. Hundreds of suspected militants were arrested, atleast 28 people were killed, & JMB’s top leaders were also executed in year 2007.

In the recent months, police blamed a regrouped JMB for an rise in deadly violence, including murder of 2 foreigners last year & attacks on minority communities.

Govt. rejected the militant IS (Islamic State) group’s claims of charge for some of those attacks, saying that IS has no presence in the country.

Bangladesh has been afflicted by great unrest in the last 3 years, & experts say a long-running political crisis has radicalized opponents of the govt.

Since Nov, at least 5 commanders of JMB have been killed in shootouts with the security forces, said the police.