Baluchistan: Torrential Rains Kill 5

QUETTA: 5 people, including 3 minor girls died in an tragic incident (natural) when, on Friday the roof of their mud-walled house had completely collapsed in the area of Baluchistan, Sherani district.

Rain is a blessing, but when it falls down more than a specific amount, it becomes destructive. It takes lives. Something similar happened in the area of Baluchistan, when the streets and homes, were unable to hold that rain, and the walls gave up.

“Torrential rains have wreaked havoc in the districts of Zhob, Sherani and other areas,” said the Levies officials, reported to the reports from Dawn News.

This incident occurred in the area of Shna Ponga of district Sherani. The officials of Levies had confirmed that among those who were killed in this incident were a mother, along with her minor son and 3 daughters.

The Local tribesmen gotten to the site of the incident & they recovered the shattered bodies from beneath the house’s rubble. PDMA (Provincial Disaster Management Authority) stated that 3 other people also died in Mastung & Chaghi districts of the province.

In Quetta, the torrential rains have initiated cracks in houses that are located in the Muslim Town area.

“Heavy rainfalls have affected dozens of houses in the area of Muslim Town & the adjoining villages,” said the Deputy Mayor of Quetta, Younas Lehri.

Younas Lehri also added that due to the harms sustained to these houses, the residents of these areas feel unsafe & some have been moved to the safer areas.

NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) has cautioned the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) to tackle down similar emerging situations as proficiently as possible.

The Chief Minister of Baluchistan has also instructed the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) & the concerned deputy commissioners to ensure the safety of  the residents and step up their efforts.