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Balochistan CM inaugurates Trauma Center at Quetta hospital

Quetta: Chief Minister of Balochistan Sana Ullah Zahri has inaugurated the Trauma Center at Quetta Civil Hospital here on Sunday.

A number of media persons and provincial ministers were along with him on this occasion.

The Trauma Centre has been completed in five years with a cost of 13 crore rupees. The construction of Trauma Center was started in 2011.

It has been reported that there are 52 beds at the Trauma Center including three operation theatres.

Talking to media, the Balochistan CM said that young doctors would have to call off their strike and start serving the needy humanity.

He added that doctors were neither angels nor they had come from heavens, he maintained adding that the doctors would have to start work now because he had announced increment in their salaries.

“We have increased salaries of doctors 2 to 3 times, now it’s their obligation to perform their work as per its spirit”, Zahri asserted.

He warned that they have many other options and if the doctors would not perform their duty, they would use another option which would not be acceptable for doctors.

Sana Ullah Zahri added that the Balochistan government is serious in provision of the basic facilities of health to every needy person.

Balochistan Minister for Health Rehmat Baloch was also along with CM Balochistan and said that the Trauma Center is a blessing for the poor people of Balochistan.