Baby Decapitated During Delivery in Quetta

Leaving parents in trauma

A female medical specialist, Dr. Alia Naz Taran, in Quetta erroneously decapitated an infant leaving the body inside the womb while holding the head of the baby in her hand amid labor on Wednesday. The body, in any case, was later removed through surgical treatment in Quetta’s Civil Hospital.

Abdul Nasir, the decapitated’s infant’s traumatized father, confirmed that the staff of the Covil Hospital declined to give a satisfactory answer to him regarding the tragedy.

Horribly shocked Nasir further added that he rushed to the Quetta Press Club to hold up his protest in front of the media to expose the criminal negligence of the lady doctor, Dr. Alia Naz Taran.

The family’s relatives challenged and called for a protest against the carelessness of the doctor and her staff.

Nasir went ahead to state that when his wife went into labour, she was taken to Dr. Alia Naz Taran’s private clinic. Dr. Taran demanded Rs10,000 for normal delivery, which they paid.

Dr. Taran further assured the parents that delivery of the baby would be normal and there was nothing to worry about. But the gross misconduct of the doctor left the baby decapitated.

Father additionally told that he was asked to take his wife to Civil Hospital Quetta to take out the mangled body, which was left inside the mother’s womb in the private clinic of Dr.Taran.

Mother was then moved to the Civil Hospital Quetta where the maimed body was finally removed from the womb following a surgical treatment.

Nasir made a strong appeal to the Cheif Justice of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Saqib Nisar, to take notice of the criminal negligence of such quacks who are maligning the name of this noble medical profession. It’s a murder which Dr.Taran committed and they deserve justice.

Sources in Killa Saifullah said that the charged doctor is serving as the Deputy District Health Officer, and runs this clinic in the evening as a side business. Moreover, they told that she is generally truant from her administrative duties in polio-eradication campaigns for her medical practice in private.

Caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan, Alauddin Marri, has initiated a high-level instant probe into the matter to attend to the concerns of the shocked and traumatized parents of the decapitated baby.

When the Caretaker Provincial Health Minister, Faiz Kakar, was contacted he said that he was going to investigate the incident in person and the person who is found guilty shall be indicted by the law.