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BaaghiTV Reveals PPP Abdul Qadir Patel interrogation with Rangers

People’s Party (PPP) Karachi chief Abdul Qadir Patel was given tough time by asking sour question during interrogation by Ranger personnel.

Sources told Baaghi news that amid the questioning, that continued for over five hours at the Rangers’ Karachi headquarters, took place with barred Lyari People’s Aman Committee (PAC) along with chief Uzair Baloch sitting in the same room.

When Patel did not give satisfactory questions to the interrogation officers, he was then transferred to unidentified location for further questions. Sources saying that for further hidden stories PPP leader is expected to be remanded for 90 days in Rangers custody.

Sources said that Patel was  asked that who he had affliction with Baloch and  upto what their connection were. No answer, Patel respond that numerous PPP leaders, including himself, used to take help from Uzair Baloch and associate gang.

He was also asked about the Benazir Bhutto’s security chief Khaldi Shehshah who was assassinate while driving. Patel replied that he had no clue with the relation to murder. He said perhaps Zulfiqar looked after all these affairs.

Rangers officers kept pressing him for an answer stating that Baloch, who is in the paramilitary custody, had named him [Qadir Patel] and some other PPP leaders as planners of the murder.

Probe officer asked what their source of his family is and how they become so rich. Patel was unable to question an answer. Patel headache came up with addition to blood pressure after asking these question and investigation officer stoped for a while source claimed.

PPP leader was later about what he played in Uzair Baloch’s escape to Iranian passport. To this Patel replied that he had no acquaintance of how Uzair fled outside country.

He was asked whether he posted police personnel in Karachi on the call of Ozair Baloch. He was also asked to name police officals who were tangled with Lyari gang war leaders.

Patel contradicts and denied the charges, saying again that Zulfiqar Mirza, former Sindh home minister was responsible for all these matters.

He claimed that the planning of several terrorist activities in Lyari were planned inside a bungalow in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) where Lyari gangsters and PPP leaders sat together.

But he claimed that the all the planning of the terrorist activities were planned in DHA Karachi where both PPP  leaders sat together.