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Baaghi TV interviews Captain of Georgia international Rugby team Beka Gorgadze

The correspondent of Baaghi.TV United Kingdoms (UK), Dr Samavia Rehman interviewed the Captain of Georgia International Rugby Team, Beka Gorgadze.

Beka Gorgadze is the Captain of  Georgia’s Rugby team and has a successful career in the team.

Our correspondent asked him to tell about himself at the reply of which he shared the introductory point of his careers, named his teams and further about personal, he declared to be 20-year-old and that the family lives in Georgia due to which he is far away from them.

The player was 7 when he first started playing the game and then he polished his skills further and later, at the age of 16, he started playing in Georgian Rugby Union where he experienced playing in under-17 Georgian Rugby team. Then he continued playing under-18, under-19 and under-20. He also played 7 cups in under-22 team. He also shared the way he disciplines himself by working hard mainly.

Being Captain of then national team is a double job for him, he said, as he need to play good as well as to help the team. He said that he keeps on motivating the team in the field and also when they would have been losing, he gives them a fire to hope for the next time.

He told that he forgets to take care of his skin in the field but do care when he goes out and uses sunblocks etc.

Concluding the interview, he shared his message advising to work hard, stay fresh, cool, clean and also asked to avoid drugs and steroids. Moreover, he asked to be honest with yourself.