Baaghi ka Pakistan with Baaghi Pathan

‘Baaghi Ka Pakistan’ with ‘Baaghi Pathan’ is a voyage of a simple Pathan with common people through their life experiences of this beautiful homeland.

‘Haseeb Khan Shinwari’ is the ‘Baaghi Pathan’. ‘Baaghi Pathan’ is a funny, simple, innocent man who is
unaware of the complexities of a common man’s life. His target Interviewees are poor people like rickshaw drivers, street hawkers, tea stall runners, street cobblers, beggars, sweepers, masons etc. He will be interviewing them about their life styles and conduct.

This ‘Baaghi Pathan’ would bring under spotlight, the harsh realities of life which a common poor man of today, is facing in Pakistan. He believes that people who we see ordinary, may be extraordinary. He will be covering from stories of hope to the stories that will break your heart. He will be connecting with each and every individual who
would come his way.

‘Baaghi Pathan’ will move around in his traditional, shalwar qameez attire, from streets to tall buildings and speak to common people of Pakistan. You also can come across this ‘Pathan’ somewhere, anywhere, one day.

Join ‘Baaghi Pathan’ and be a companion in his journey and search of self and true identity.


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